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Roof replacement is expensive. DIY pressure washing is risky. Ask us how our Roof Cleaning service in Rochester, NY can help you.

You may not have realized, but over the years, the color and quality of your roof would have degraded to a considerable extent if you hadn’t maintained it well enough. ofessional service. There are a number of reasons why you should go this route. The following points paint a decent picture on what power washing entails. 

If you observe a recently replaced roof in your neighbourhood, you will notice how vibrant it is. The vibrancy is not only because it is new, but because the roof is free from any molds or algae. 

If you are regular at maintaining your roof, that alone is sufficient to maintain its quality and longevity – you don’t really need to replace your entire roof for the sake of making it look new. 

A thorough pressure washing job on your roof is all that is needed to restore your roof back to its near-original state. 

Getting on top of a roof is the last thing most home owners want to do. If you still feel adventurous and want to pressure wash your roof all by yourself, please first consider the following.

  • If you set a low pressure, it is not good enough to clean the mold
  • If you set the pressure too high, you might end up damaging your roof
  • If you end up with a damaged roof, it is even more dangerous
  • If you use the wrong detergent, or the incorrect quantity, you will be putting yourself, your family and your environment in danger
  • A wet roof can become really slippery. If you aren’t experienced enough to navigate a wet roof, we suggest you rather not try it
  • Maintaining your balance on a ladder while you are handling a power equipment can become quite complicated even before you realize it
  • You might end up leaving streaks that will spoil the looks of your roof
  • Nothing can be more frustrating than failing at a roof cleaning job

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  • Thousands of dollars in savings: as a home owner, you know how expensive it is to even replace the shingles or tiles on your roof. Why even replace the shingles when our roof cleaning services in Rochester, NY can achieve the same benefit for you? 
  • Using the right pressure: Too much pressure can damage your roof. Too little pressure will end up cleaning nothing. Not all companies out there have skilled workforce that is aware of the pressure manipulation strategies. We know exactly how much pressure and detergent mix is required to make your roof sparkle. 
  • Protection from mold: our roof cleaning services in Rochester, NY guarantees mold removal that will keep your roof healthy for at least 2-3 years. 
  • Thorough cleaning: one of the ways to restore your roof is to replace the shingles. It sure works, but it is expensive, isn’t it? You can clean it yourself too, but if you had read what we had said earlier about the associated dangers, you should have second thoughts about DIY by now. 

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DIY roof cleaning is harder than it sounds. You sure could do all the research and buy high quality materials and equipments – all the necessary information is available at  your fingertips these days. But in spite of you working up a sweat, what if your roof cleaning job did not produce the desired outcome? What if you get frustrated and end up not using your equipments ever again? We don’t wish for it to happen, but this is something you should seriously consider before you make the investment.

There is a shortcut. Why not bypass all this hassle and outsource it to the leading industry experts who know what they are doing? KD Power Washing and Cleaning Services has been offering roof cleaning services in Rochester, NY for years. Call us now to get a free assessment in under 60 seconds. 



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